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What I’ve created is an extension of REE’s already existing branding. I took inspiration from the shapes of the logo and images of the corners to create a system that can be replicated across any type of collateral. The elements are bold and scalable. From social media posts to trade show booths the elements of the system will stand out amongst REE’s competitors and can easily be adapted as trends change.

Brian Gallagher for REE.003.jpeg
Brian Gallagher for REE.004.jpeg
Brian Gallagher for REE.005.jpeg
Brian Gallagher for REE.006.jpeg
Brian Gallagher for REE.007.jpeg
Brian Gallagher for REE.008.jpeg
Brian Gallagher for REE.009.jpeg
Brian Gallagher for REE.010.jpeg


Brian Gallagher for REE.011.jpeg

Brian is a complete professional and an incredibly talented designer. From the information he gathered about our vision to the final product, I could not be happier. It’s like he knew the exact logo I was imagining in my head and brought it to life! His creative process is both thorough and flexible, and I can’t recommend his work enough.

Teddy Purdy

Owner, 579 Productions

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